I’m not a big fan of hourly pricing. I believe it prevents companies from growing and hurts the accountant and the client. 

Instead, I encourage accountants to introduce value pricing. Why? 

While it has many benefits, the biggest one is very simple: it allows you to charge a lot more for a project. All that while still giving your clients lots of value. You’re not worried about the time – just the value.

A win-win situation. 

Think about it like this. Clients want to save money. 

I believe that doesn’t need any more explanation – nobody likes extra charges. 

However, if you change the pricing process, you’ll change the way that they think about your services. 

Naturally, on top of changing the price, you need to show them the VALUE that they’ll get for those services. And deliver it. 

This will make your clients excited. In the end, would you pay more if you got more value (and a better ROI?)

But there are other benefits. Value-based pricing makes establishing a true partnership a lot easier.

First, your clients understand that the price you gave them includes the phone call already. So, they’re not as anxious to get off the phone with you.

On top of that, the structure allows you to ask for what you’re really worth. You can focus on those complex tasks and help improve your client’s business situation. 

Plus, you can estimate beforehand the profit margin associated with the task. This helps you assign tasks to team members and allows you to forecast when you should recruit new ones. 

As you can see, scaling your business just got a lot easier!

All that is the reason why value-based pricing can skyrocket the growth of your company. Of course, the more customers you can move to the new pricing, the higher the revenue increase.