2X Your Profit & 1/2 Your Time.. Just Like These 2 Firms Did In 12 Months


Tuesday, November 12 @ 12 noon, Pacific Time, USA

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Follow their lead and I guarantee you’ll also….

Boost profits by 93%

Drastically reduce your time

All within 12 months

You read that right.

Join this session to hear real-life stories from two CPAs who had their best tax season ever in 2019, while reducing their personal chargeable time and drastically increasing their profits. 

Please meet...

Rick Fields

Associates in Accounting
Louisville, Kentucky

Rick Fields from Kentucky who leads a 4 Partner CPA firm. Just 18 months ago it operated like a traditional firm with the Partners doing most of the client work, limited sales, no marketing and little innovation. Fast forward to today and profit has doubled, there have been over 200 sales meetings held, 4 new team members in the Philippines and a Marketing Director hired. There is a niche market to promote to and It’s a different firm with a different vibe and renewed focus. 

Mackey McNeill

Mackey Advisors
Bellevue, Kentucky

Mackey owns one of the best sole practitioner firms I have ever seen. At the age of 56 she set herself a goal of a 6 week sabbatical. No phones, emails, team – completely turned off. Now, back then she could not. She was your typical sole owner working big hours doing everything. Fast forward to today and she only works a total of 100 hours per year – total worked time. No client work – nothing. The business is strong, unique and growing by 25% per annum.


About me, your host, Rob Nixon

Profitable Partners – CEO & Founder
Best-selling Author and Success Coach to Accountants worldwide

I love to dive deep and share stories of how accounting firms have transformed their businesses to increase revenue and profit, while also reducing time. After 25 years coaching Accountants in 18 countries, I’ve learnt how to boost profits by an average of 93% in one year.

My training programs are being used in over 35 countries and my experience extends to training 178,000 Accountants on how to grow revenue and profit while reducing time.

But above all, I think Accountants are awesome! I’ve worked with literally thousands of Accountants over the past few decades and I am consistently impressed by the level of skill and expertise these professionals exhibit. So my goal is to create better lifestyles for Accountants and have them start living the lives they deserve.

Join the webinar and I promise it will be entertaining,  valuable and worthwhile use of your time. 


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