Becoming an effective salesperson as an accountant can take time – especially if you try to master all the nuances of a sales process.

Thankfully, the more you succeed the easier it should be for you to build on that success, right? In the end, we all know that success is a tremendous confidence booster.

The problem is, way too often we tend to underestimate the value of our achievements.

Instead of celebrating our first, second, and third closed client – we tend to minimize how hard it took to close them and focus on all the failed ones.

Don’t do that. This kind of thinking is one of the reasons why accountants fail to grow beyond a small group of regular clients. They just can’t get the momentum going.

What to do instead?

Spend some time documenting the success stories of your clients. Think about all the positive outcomes of your work. And don’t forget to post them somewhere on the wall for all to see (and to remind you about all that you’ve achieved so far).

Speaking of your success, there’s one more reason why you absolutely need to remember the details of your successful projects.

Displaying your success stories makes closing deals WAY easier. In the end, it’s hard to find better proof of your abilities than your positive experiences with other clients.

How to become better at sharing your success stories?

When documenting your stories, think about all the details that lead to a positive outcome for the client.

They want you to save their accounting problems while saving them time and money. By sharing stories similar to theirs, you show them that you are the right person to work with.

That’s when your potential clients know that you’ve been there before and that they can trust you.