Let me ask you a quick question – do your clients pay you on time? Normally? In these COVID times it may be even worse.

What I mean by that is – has it ever happened that your clients were late, because their business wasn’t doing so well? Their clients didn’t pay them or they didn’t have enough work?

Whatever is the reason, keep the following in mind.  If a company doesn’t make enough money, it means they can’t afford your services. It’s as simple as that.

Because, if they can’t afford you, you can’t afford them either. It’s better to focus your time on clients that can appreciate everything that you do for them – and pay for it.  

Clients who don’t make enough money to pay your fees shouldn’t even make the list of your potential customers. And I’m not talking just about companies in a difficult financial situation. In general, it’s better to specialize in a niche that’s full of businesses that can afford you now. Not tomorrow or next week.

There can be no maybes. You can’t assume they’ll be able to pay you. Maybes won’t pay your bills or put food on your table.

There’s nothing wrong with businesses that don’t have enough revenue to cover your fees. Just look at startups. One day, they might become established, profitable companies.

But, if they don’t have the money now, they’re not a good fit.

Think about it. Would you prefer two high-paying clients or a bunch of struggling startups? I’m sure you know the answer.

The ideal niche has high-paying clients who have the potential to continue that momentum in the long term. That way, you know that they’ll also always have enough to pay your fees.

That’s the type of clients you should focus on.

Of course, there’s more you can do to ensure that your fees are paid month after month. Check out my other blogs or new book for further tips.