Marketing anything to clients takes a proactive approach. Some of your clients will ask about the latest and greatest accounting solution – most will not. If you believe that a cloud based accounting system is better for your clients then you need to promote it.

The benefits (to your client) of a cloud based accounting system are very compelling:

  1. Data integrity – especially when the accounting system is linked to the warehouse, point of sale or inventory system
  2. Real time and accurate reports – enables your client to make better management decisions
  3. Connection to the Accountant – so you can advise them if something is not working the way it should
  4. Reduced costs – no more software upgrades and expensive hard drive systems
  5. Mobility – access the data anywhere, anytime from any device

All of this leads to enabling your client to run a better business. A better run business means jobs, improved cash flow and economic growth.

Unless your clients know about these benefits then they are not going to switch from their current system to a new one. That’s where you come in. Your clients trust your recommendation – you just need to recommend!

Without a doubt the best way to introduce cloud accounting to your clients is by running events of some sort. The event could be a large scale business seminar, a private boardroom briefing, a small workshop or similar. Your clients need to ‘see’ the product, understand the benefits, how it will impact their business and then make a considered decision. You can certainly meet with your clients ‘one on one’ but that is quite slow.

When running events you need to offer some value – not just selling. The best attended seminars are where the business owner can take away ideas they can apply right away. That might include; cash flow management, KPI reporting, profit improvement or revenue growth. A short 2 hour event will do the trick which includes a ‘demo’ of the new system and Q&A. It will also show that you are serious about staying on the leading edge and looking after your clients.