Meeting with clients can be stressful. 

Unfortunately, often this stress and tight schedule are a reason behind simple mistakes. Mistakes that can make you look very unprofessional in the eyes of your clients:

–       Failing to control the time

I spoke about this in one of my previous emails already, but that’s an important one. We’re all busy people. You, me, your clients – we all have our business and personal schedules. Usually, all these schedules are quite packed. That’s why you don’t want to affect them in any way.

To avoid doing that, make sure that your meetings start and end on time. If you don’t do that, you’ll show that you don’t respect their time. This can also be seen as a lack of respect for the participants. 

Of course, sometimes discussions go off-course. The key here is to know how to steer the conversation back. That’s where the agenda can help you. 

And, what if new problems arise during the meeting itself? In this case, if they need an in-depth discussion, you can always schedule a second meeting. 

–       Failing to keep the notes

This one sounds simple. However, if you’re the one driving the meeting, you may not have the time to take them. That’s where a dedicated minute taker can help you.

Of course, no matter if you take them yourself or ask someone else, the notes are invaluable. Especially if you want to take the relationship with your client to the next level. 

By taking notes, you can send meeting minutes to clients after a meeting is over.

Trust me on this.

It reminds clients of the topics discussed and decisions made. And it shows them that you provide value because your meeting was productive.

This is critical because accounting clients tend to stay with a firm for life. 

When you land one, you can count on their business for years to come. 

That’s why no matter how many things you’ll need to do to ensure your meeting is a success, most of them ultimately pay off. 


Plus, if clients feel that you respect them and like your work, they might refer even more business your way. What’s one of the keys to expanding your accounting firm.