I have just spent the week in Manila, Philippines. I was here for 2 reasons.

Firstly to attend a leadership conference with 400 people from Entrepreneurs Organisation where I am the current Membership Director and incoming President for the Brisbane chapter.

Secondly to check out the outsourcing movement first hand. And a third one – have some fun doing it!

The conference was amazing with great speakers and exclusive events like dinner in a National Museum – they closed it for our group and we had access to entire place – very cool. I won a global award for ‘Membership Excellence’ against 130 of my peers (one from each chapter) – so pretty happy about that.

The outsourcing movement over here is insane. For a country of 100M people there are nearly 1M employed in the industry. It currently represents 7% of the GDP. I visited 6 operations and I was blown away. Put it this way – anything that can be done over the phone, on email on a computer can be over here for 1/5th to 1/7th of the price as it can be done elsewhere. And in a lot of cases it can be done better over here. They have perfect English, they are willing to learn, they are very smart, they provide amazing service and they are very fast. The best bit – they want to work – and work they do! Inspiring for what I saw.

The world is flat. Technology enables outsourcing to be a very viable opportunity for any business. Some people have a problem with it and it is often people who feel threatened by other people taking their jobs.

All ‘knowledge’ workers, processing people or intermediaries need to up skill and add more value otherwise hungrier alternatives will take their revenue from them.

On the fun side. I had a tour guide by one of the funniest guides I have ever had. I witnessed ‘midget boxing’ in a bar and I laughed uncontrollably at things I cannot mention here. On the not so fun side I also got very sick after eating some dodgy food. Ended up on a drip for 24 hours and confined to bed. All good now however.

So that’s the week in Manila. If you have not been it is well worth the effort.