This morning I had the pleasure of addressing 65 Accountants in Auckland. The team at Xero had invited their awesome ‘silver’ partners to a special forum with me. Very humbling. The content I covered was a snippet of content that we deliver through our coachingclub program.

Here are the highlights of what I presented:

  • You only have X many days before you die – make the most of what you have left with your clients
  • Success is “Doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want in a manner you want”
  • It’s your business, you should design it the way you wan to
  • Partners of Accounting firms should be making >$1M per year (minimum) – that’s my belief
  • Compliance will be a commodity in the future and your margins will be squeezed
  • Cloud accounting will ‘wipe out’ some Accounting firms – and a lot of the current compliance revenue
  • Adding value to your clients (and gave examples) is the only way to go
  • You set the workflow rules with your clients
  • The one that sets the rules wins the game
  • Toxic clients need to go
  • Low margin clients need to go
  • Toxic team members need to go
  • Team engagement is critical
  • Accountants are the trusted advisor – the need to walk the talk
  • There is a big difference from flying economy to first class –
  • Your clients want you to be successful – after all they are following you
  • What services are you providing now – versus what you could be providing
  • If you want a different result, you must first make some decisions then follow through with actions
  • We covered off in depth ‘how to set the price’ of a project
  • Value belief and value articulation are the keys to pricing – not a daft “time X rate” formula
  • Stop promoting inputs and start selling outputs

With examples, questions I covered quite a bit in 2 1/2 hours of workshop. Pretty cool. I also let the group know of a webinar I am running next week on Value Pricing – 1 hour of power just on the topic of pricing. You can register for free here.

Also, I announced a partnership for Xero “Silver & Above” partners – where each Xero firm will receive 3 months of free online coaching from us. Pretty cool, worth thousands!

The group enjoyed it. Xero even baked some muffins!