In 2013 over 540 firms participated in our annual benchmark report, making it the  largest benchmarking report of its kind. Open to all Accounting firms globally the report anonymously measures firms against others in the industry. Firms are invited to input their data into the online system up until the 15th of February cut-off date.

The benchmark reporting system captures data such as firm size, number of fee earning partners, salaries, revenues, profits, write-offs/realization, productivity/utilization and capacity.

This year we are also benchmarking succession planning, usage of cloud technology, pricing mechanisms and much much more.

By entering into this benchmarking study you will:

  • See how your firm ranks compared with others of similar size, location and demographics;
  • Receive a customized report complete with recommendations on how to improve your performance;
  • Receive a written copy of the final Benchmark Report on the entire profession

The data you submit is collated en masse so that your firm’s results remain anonymous, with the exception of your individualized report which is manually generated upon your direct request.

There is no charge to participate in the report. The value of the customized report that you will receive by participating is easily worth $1,000.

Participation is free. Register here.