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It’s a connected world

Right now I am sitting in a jungle camp site in Thailand (I kid you not) with 3G on my phone and 6Meg wireless running through the camp. Already this morning I have looked at my emails through Gmail, I checked out Facebook for 5 minutes, I checked my bank accounts, I accepted 11 new LinkedIN connection requests, I had a look on our online community to see of the client chatter and I looked at the daily report on the key metrics of my business.  About 10 minutes of total ‘checking what is going on in my world’ time.

The daily report is automatically generated through our CRM program ( and we customise the main report every quarter in line with our quarterly theme. I can see the critical results of what we are focusing on right now. Event numbers, campaign results, client numbers, revenue & profit etc.

With everything on the ‘cloud’ you truly can run a business from anywhere in the world. I can see what it happening as it happens and respond accordingly. I don’t have to wait for the next meeting to jump on something I can see as a trend right now. I don’t have to wait for a lengthy report to tell me what an automated report can tell me.

I have team members in Brisbane, Darwin, Manila, Delhi and Vancouver. I have clients who use our software in 8 countries. How could you manage that with old technology systems on a hard drive or server? Well you can but it is very expensive and very slow.

It’s business real time. It’s a connected world. It’s exciting. It’s now time for a coffee then Elephant rides and Tiger cuddling later in the day. Stay tuned.


Product Development for Accountants

Accountants haven’t really needed to invent new products in the past. They did what the government told them to do and occasionally they did some special projects for clients – business advisory type projects. Everything was on a ‘do and charge’ basis.

That’s all changing. The profession is evolving into a technology driven, leveraged IP model where firms are looking at new ways to systemise and leverage their IP base. The objective is to look at what you know and then innovate new ways of delivering that. The delivery could be in a number of wide and varied formats such as:

  • Group coaching
  • Group training
  • Manual / Report
  • Video / DVD in a box
  • Webinar
  • Seminar
  • Training program
  • Software program
  • Online subscription

It is the same IP but packaged in different ways. The hardest part (judging by the 46 Accountants we had in workshop last week talking about this) is coming up with what you actually know. Once you document your IP base then it’s a case of packaging it up and marketing it to your target audience. So what do you know? What does your firm know how to do? Here is my list….

What we know


Amazing conference in Bali

Already we have 375 Accountants booked into our annual conference in Bali 2015. It’s going to be the best conference for Accountants in 2015. Early bird pricing @ $1,250 per person until September 30. Conference website is here. See video below for more info as well.

What a birthday!

Last Thursday on August 28 was my 45th birthday. Instead of receiving gifts I decided to give gifts. The gift of vision.

Here’s the story. At our annual Accountants conference this year (6 weeks ago in Bali) I pledged 10% of the funds of those that signed up to the 2015 conference to a very significant charity in Bali. The registration total on the day came to $312,700. So $31,270 to be donated. See big cheque below.

The charity selected was created by the legendary John Fawcett. His charity is He started it 26 years ago with the single view of helping Balinese people to see again. To give the gift of vision. Blindness is a rampant problem in Bali due to diet, sun, diabetes and its even hereditary. Bali has one of the highest ‘blindness per capita’ ratios in the world and the foundation John started is doing something about it. In 26 years they have given over 40,000 Balinese the gift of sight. Quite staggering. Their goal is 80,000 by the year 2020 – and they’re on track for that.

The Balieye team are small (around 25 people) with 5 mobile vans and they are busy doing 6,000 cataract surgeries every year. It’s not a big foundation but it is very lean and it survives 100% on donations. Of the donations received only 9% is taken up in Administration costs and the rest goes to fix the problem.

Our donation will screen 10,000 and give glasses to those that need them. It will also create sight from total blindness of approx 100 people. On the day we visited I was especially moved by Ketut.

He is 31 years old and has been totally blind since birth. A French couple found him in the jungle and brought him to Sanur where the head office is. On the Friday afternoon he had the surgery (on just one eye at this stage) and on Saturday morning they took the patch off. For the first time in 31 years he saw his brother. He was very overwhelmed with the entire experience (as you would) and didn’t say a lot. He did say (through an interpreter) that he was keen to get the surgery so he could get a girlfriend!

It was an incredibly moving event to know that we are doing something good in the world. All through the power of Accountants! The photo’s tell the story but the video tells the best story about Ketut.



Ketut after surgery Ketut surgery Rob birthday Rob Nat John F the Cheque

Lessons from an Ironman – Jack Daly

I am pumped that the legendary Jack Daly has agreed to do a full day professional sales training program at our Annual conference next year. In my view he is the best sales trainer in the world today.

We already have 375 Accountants registered to attend the conference. It’s on July 12-16 2015 in fabulous Bali, Indonesia. Tickets are available for next 30 days @ A$1,250 per person. You can learn more about the best Accountants conference in the world here.

Here’s a snippet on Jack’s philosophy on business.


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