The Perfect Firm Seminar Tour

Global tour announcement. 62 locations in 8 countries. Starting March 13 in London and ending November 10 in Los Angeles. “The Perfect Firm” – based on my new book. New book released April 26. For tour dates go to –


NZ profession going backwards

The New Zealand accounting profession is one of the world leaders in the adoption of cloud accounting technology. They have been active in the space since 2008 and approximately (at the time of writing) over 45% of New Zealand small businesses use a cloud accounting product. As a result of technology and market forces, the…


Acting like a thought leader

Who is the dominant educator in your niche market? Who is the company that your niche turn to for advice? If there is no-one or limited education, then it could be you. You could take the primary position as the ‘go to firm / person’ for all things about your niche and service sector. When…


Marketing is not Sales

Accountants are not very good at marketing – marketing people are. My definition of marketing is ‘salesmanship multiplied’. My definition of sales is ‘finding out what the other person needs and then transferring emotion’. These definitions mean that marketing is a ‘one to many’ strategy and sales is a ‘one on one’ strategy. Marketing is…


Niche markets

I am big fan of niche markets. They get you focused and disciplined on one sector. It also enables you to go deep – very deep – into your niche’s world and become an industry expert. A thought leader if you will. You can select any niche market you want. To make your selection I…



I get asked all the time what a perfect firm looks like. I’ve never met one but I have met hundreds of firms who are doing many things right. However, never one firm that does everything right. My reasoning as to why so many firms do not work well is because they are designed by default…


How to measure a well developed firm

Definition (Rob’s) ~ well-developed firm “A firm that has implemented a whole host of strategies that make a positive difference to the firms’ performance” How well developed is your firm? How well do you implement anything? With what you implement do the strategies produce a positive result to your financial performance? If you want to…


Sustainability Index

How sustainable is your firm? Meaning, if the Partners were not there how would it perform? Would it make money? Would it lose money? Could it continue to grow without you? Here’s a simple but sobering equation: Take Partner revenue delivered (your personal billable time / dollars) away from your profit (before Partner salaries) and…


My Goal Achievement Process

Happy new year! At this time of year there is a lot of conversation on social media platforms regarding ‘new years resolutions’ and ‘goal setting’ but very little on the process of achieving the goals. So I thought I would give you in detail my goal achievement process. Let me just start by saying that…