Paul Dunn wins major award

I am thrilled that my mentor and friend, Paul Dunn, won a most prestigious award on Thursday night in the UK. It was the Inaugural AccountingWeb ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Profession’ award. Paul has done more for the Accounting profession than anyone I know on the planet. I’ve known Paul for 28 years now. His contribution continues…


What are you selling?

Are you selling Accounting services or are you selling that fact that you’re helping people achieve their goals in life? If I look at your website or listen to one of your sales meetings my guess is that you’re (80/20 rule generalising here) selling Accounting services. My guess is your website has ‘drop down’ categories…


120 days of stepping up!

Often times in business we see people ‘stepping up’ and doing what seems like the impossible in the timeframe given. I experienced that in the last 120 days – from May 1 to August 31. It’s been an incredible 120 days of challenges, new experiences, learning challenges and business success. I am writing this blog…


Bali – out of the Ash a miracle happened

Normally I sleep soundly for 7-8 hours every night. For the past week I averaged 3-4 hours a night. Here’s why. On Thursday the 9th of July I was up early to prepare for the day ahead. At roughly 5am I received a very cryptic email from my long time mentor, Paul Dunn. It went…


Stop the Predators

I recorded this the other day in the USA. I’m doing an awesome seminar program in late July / early August – 12 cities around Australia and New Zealand. How to Future Proof your accounting firm. Register here.