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My Goal Achievement Process

Happy new year! At this time of year there is a lot of conversation on social media platforms regarding ‘new years resolutions’ and ‘goal setting’ but very little on the process of achieving the goals. So I thought I would give you in detail my goal achievement process.

Let me just start by saying that I have been setting and achieving goals for over 25 years. My first major goal achieved was to be the Under 18 Australian Archery Champion. Which I achieved in 1987. It was the same year I ‘got into’ personal and business development material. Over the years I have fine tuned my goal setting and goal achievement into a process which works for me. Here it is…

  1. I hand write everything into a very special annual journal. I buy it from Smythson of Bond Street, London. I have the journal customised with my name and the current year.
  2. At the back of the journal I have all my life goals listed – currently 171 of them. I update this every year before the start of the new year.
  3. In the journal I also have my personal values, my over-arching purpose in life, my constant energy and focus state, what’s important to me and a list of my beliefs – all hand written.
  4. Throughout the year I will collect as many pictures as I can (from magazines) of my life goals and put onto my vision board. I will also have a visual management process so I can see how I am going for some of the goals. See photos below.
  5. I write at the front of my journal a list of goals for this year. There are 20 listed this year – however 5 are the most important. The top 5 are highlighted. 11 of the goals are from my full list – either moving towards achieving them or completing them.
  6. Once all goals are listed I reflect back on last year and work out why I did not achieve all of my stated goals. Something has to be done differently. I write down what I am going to start doing differently, stop doing and continue doing. Each one covers a page in the journal.
  7. For goals that take time to achieve I block out time in my diary for the entire year for each one. So already blocked out are… family day trips (weekly), board meetings x 2 boards I sit on (monthly), accountability meetings (monthly) management meetings (weekly), seminars to attend (12 days so far), known seminars to deliver (60 days so far), gym (2-3 per week), bike riding (2-3 per week), blog writing (3 per week), date nights (monthly), dinner parties we will host (monthly), holidays (10 weeks), golf lessons (27 ), golf practice (2 per week), golf playing (1-2 per week), me weeks (2), camping trips (3), school holidays etc. Everything is blocked out and then I work with what is left. It’s amazing how much time is actually left for random stuff or extra work if needed when the year is blocked out. I have a view that if it’s not in the diary it won’t get done.
  8. I write down action plans for each of the goals on my annual list. So fun, business, personal, health, family, relationship etc. Bullet point action plans for the ones that need it.
  9. I only divulge my goal list to people who are going to help me get them. It’s private. So that includes my wife, my accountability group and some goals for my management team & employees.
  10. I keep myself accountable to my goals each month by my accountability forum.
  11. I review and read my goals every week.
  12. Whilst achieving my goals I live by all of my core values especially finish what I start & do what I say I am going to do.

To make all this happen I still sleep 7-8 hours per night and I wake up at 0445 6 days per week. I want to milk everything out of this life and be the best I can be. I love living up to my core purpose and having great stories to tell of my experiences. As I said this works for me – it may even work for you.

Time to Die

I have 20,570 days left to live.

That’s exactly when I turn 100. I figure that’s a good innings. That’s my goal – to leave this current world in just over 56 years.

I have an app on my iPhone that counts down each second. It’s very sobering to look at it ticking away (as I am doing right now as I write this.) Every time I open the app it stares me in the face and I get incredibly focussed.

My life purpose is to ‘Influence Lives‘. When I look at the app it reminds me to influence someone today in some way. It reminds me that I haven’t got a whole lot of time left to achieve all of my goals. It reminds me to live a great life today. It reminds me to be a good friend and awesome father and amazing husband and love (don’t always get it right but I have a good crack!).

When are you going to go? How are you living your life in the meantime?


PS. If you are an Accountant and want to make the most of your profession life then I have an upcoming seminar tour in June and July. I’ve already had 609 Accountants go through it with amazing results. A full day of hard hitting content. Tickets in April are only $165 per person with every 4th one you buy is free. See the event website Remaining Relevant.


Queenstown day 1 & 2 – The Hills

Arrived into Queenstown NZ yesterday for my annual conference. We have 220 Accountants and sponsors arriving tomorrow.

If you have never been to Queenstown before then you are missing out on one of the beautiful places in the world. Nat, the kids and I have been coming over here for 13 years. We love the place. We have been coming over in summer and winter for skiing, adventure activities and golf.

I joined (more so invited) a golf club here in 2008 – the ultra exclusive “The Hills”– owned by Michael Hill (Jewellery entrepreneur with sales of $500M plus). I am proud to be member no. 28. We have around 150 members at the moment and membership is restricted to 200 members only.

It was very difficult to get on to the Hills for the first time. Here is how tenacity and salesmanship got me my first game at the Hills. Here is the exact conversation with the club house manager- once I got the unlisted number….

Me: Hi, my name is Rob Nixon, I am a member of Royal Queensland in Brisbane. I am wondering if I could arrange a game please.

Hills admin: I am sorry sir, we don’t accept guests

Me: That’s exactly why I am calling

Hills admin: Sorry

Me: My name is Rob Nixon, I am a member of Royal Queensland in Brisbane. I am wondering if I could arrange a game please

Hills admin: I am sorry sir, as I said we don’t accept guests

Me: That’s exactly why I am calling

Hills admin: I’ll have to get my manager to call you back

Me: OK

Hills manager calls back:

Me: Hello, my name is Rob Nixon, I am a member of Royal Queensland in Brisbane. I am wondering if I could arrange a game please

Hills manager: I am sorry sir, as Amy said, we don’t accept guests

Me: That’s exactly why I am calling

Hills Manager: You are persistent aren’t you

Me: Yes, and I’d love to have a game please

Hills Manager: The only way you can play The Hills is if you play with a member

Me: (sensing a little victory here) Great, can you hook me up with a member please

Hills Manager: There are only 12 of them and they are all over seas right now

Me: Right, so what can we do

Hills Manager: We could get one of our green keepers to go out with you. He’s very good, he plays of 5

Me: Perfect, I am off 9, we’ll have a great day

Hills Manager: Ok then, it;ll be $500 for the round and you have to pay the wages of the green keeper as well – that’ll be $250 for the 1/2 day.

Me: Done

When I got out there I was the only player all day – other than Corey my guide. I made a comment on good the bunkers were. Answer… We raked them especially for you yesterday!

I went back a few months later and I while I was there they said they wanted to invite me to be a member. I was told they only invite those that they know or like – and they liked me!

I played yesterday, lost badly, and am playing again today and tomorrow. Wish me luck.


Leave it to the trained professionals

This morning I needed to iron a business shirt. My wife is away this week and our housekeeper doesn’t arrive for 2 hours. I have ironed many a shirt in hotels whilst travelling but at home I cannot remember the last time I ironed anything – our housekeeper does that. She is a trained professional.

Sure enough the first thing I had to do was find the iron and the board. WOW – this thing was like it was out of Star Trek. It had retractable cords, a big cradle that does who knows what and more buttons than my Virgin Galactic space ship that I am going on.

I picked it up (by what looked like a handle) and promptly dropped the entire thing on the laundry floor. What looked like a water canister flew across the room so I figured it was dry and filled it full of water. Put the bit of tech back together and turned on the ignition at the wall. Nothing. After looking about there was a second ignition on the base with 4 settings. Being a male I yanked it to the first setting – hoping for the best.

Sure enough it fired up and started to make all sorts of whirring noises. It was hot in seconds so off I go. Shirt laid out and I found another couple of buttons. Pressed one and wooshka a shot of steam come out. Without even looking I started ironing. As I did a couple of strokes all this brown stuff came out all over my shirt. Yuk. No idea what it was so I cleaned if off the shirt. Now I have a wet shirt. I inspect the device and it looks good to go. So I start again. But this time it is so hot I burn the shirt – seems my setting was on ultra hot for ultra hard fabrics.

What a disaster. Shirt ruined.

I have a new lesson this morning. If you don’t want to use the tool then don’t learn how to use the tool. What are you doing that you shouldn’t be doing – there are others who can do it far better and quicker than you. Leave it to the trained professionals. Val will be here in a couple of hours to make it all better. I need a coffee!



Istanbul in 4 days

This past 4 days I have been in Istanbul, Turkey at an Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) conference (also Paris & Singapore on way home). There were 800 of us from 35 countries attending the Istanbul conference.

I attend these events as part of my quest to search the globe for latest/best/greatest ideas on business and personal achievement.

It was my first time in Istanbul and WOW what a place. It was insanely busy – I have never seen traffic so bad as Istanbul – and with so many people (circa 15M in the city) it has a unique energy about it. It is a very ‘full on’ city mixed with bustling shopping precincts, slums, mega mansions and towering sky scrapers.

I find I get more ideas from these trips then almost anything I do. It is the environment of being somewhere different and mixing it with other like-minded people. Even on the flight over I started a new book which I am now 5% complete.

Day 1

Time to get settled into the hotel, take a trip to the ‘old’ part of the city, visit the Grand Bazaar (dates back to 1461AD with 5,000 covered shops), spot of lunch, get a blade shave and get into the grove of the city.

The conference got started that night with a cocktail reception and then we were transported back to the Grand Bazaar for dinner. This was insane. Every day there are between 250,000 – 400,000 people per day visiting this place and they closed it – just for us. It had never been closed before and it was like the ultimate private dining experience. We heard that 200 people transformed the main street of the Bazaar in 90 minutes. Just amazing.

Day 2

The conference proper started and it was opened up with Peter Diamandis. Peter is the original creator of the X prize which originally was a competition to get commercial space started. Burt Rutan won the competition, Richard Branson did a deal with Burt and created Virgin Galactic. I am ticket holder no. 293 on Virgin Galactic (my wife bought me my ticket 3 years ago for my 40th birthday) so I was most interested to hear Peter talk about Abundance in Business and life. His next venture is to mine asteroids – yes you read that right. With his partners they want to sending drilling rigs on hurtling asteroids and mine precious metals. It gets you thinking what else is possible if you put your mind to it.

Then we had 3 current EO members tell their stories of trials and tribulations as they built their businesses. I was excited because a friend of mine was speaking. When I heard all 3 stories I realised my life was somewhat easier.

The next speaker was Pamela Meyer (author of liespotting) who spoke on telling lies and how you can pick (with some simple training) who is telling lies in business. Very handy skills to know!

Then we changed gears a bit and had an ex Hindu monk (Dandapani) speak on Spirituality in business. I first met Dandapani in Bahrain in May and have hired him to speak at my conference next March in Queenstown NZ. He was simply outstanding. He spoke a lot about managing energy in your life – not your time, your energy – and he related his 10 years of chosen celibacy and poverty back to the business world. After spending a lot of time with Dandapani on this trip I know he is going to be a hit with all of my Accounting members.

That night we visited the ancient Hagia Sophia and 1001 columns (Binbirdirek). Again the 2 ancient structures where closed to the public for the first time for our group. What an honour to have both facilities to ourselves. As we looked at the 2 structures we marvelled at how such structures could be built with the tools available at the time. That night we were entertained by an ancient ritual of twirling derbish which was just amazing.

Day 3

Bit of an easy day as far as speakers went however I did learn about cultural diversity in business. I also heard from a young Turkish entrepreneur who has taken her business from start up in 2011, raised $17M in venture capital and now has the fasted growing ‘gaming’ business in the world – Peak Games. Impressive.

That afternoon was ours to enjoy so my friend and I took a private shopping tour of the city. I picked up a few presents for home and some new shoes for me.

The evening was a boat cruise up and down the Bosphorus admiring the palaces and mansions that line the river. Dinner was at Cubuklu 29 – which was of course closed just for us.

Day 4

The opening speaker made me cry. Doc Hendley was a bartender and one day he decided to start a quest to arrange fresh drinking water to the masses. Doc was saying there are 1 billion people on the planet who do not have fresh drinking water. His Wine to Water foundation has touched the lives of millions of people in the harshest places on the planet. The stories he told made me think that there is a much higher purpose for all of us.

Towards the end of his speech he got us involved by making hundreds of water filter systems (at the conference) which was pretty cool. Many of us also donated some money so many more thousands of water filtration systems could be made.

The last speaker was all about the Psychology of Happiness. Shawn Achor has studied happiness for 10 years at Harvard University and his ground breaking work is now flowing into the corporate world. He says that business happiness can be taught, it is a choice and he gave us tools to be happy every day. The biggest predictor to long term success and happiness is social support. My membership in EO is certainly an important part of my social support.

The last evening event was at an amazing palace – Sait Halim Pasa – where we were dined and entertained in the most amazing way. The palace was simply huge and of course it was ours for exclusive access – no limits.

Then we went to a party. Not just any party – we went to one of the most exclusive and ‘hottest’ night clubs in Europe – Reina. This place was insane. It can hold 2,000 people and it was packed with all the ‘beautiful people’ and apparently many celebrities frequent the club. It was not exclusively closed for us!

Thanks to EO for a most amazing week. Home via Paris and a quick drop in on my friend Paul Dunn in Singapore. Time to consolidate my thoughts, create an action plan and start implementing. Enjoy the photos.