I wanted to talk to you about the one thing we often don’t appreciate until things get bad. This is true especially among busy people like yourself, who’re working hard to grow their businesses.

I’m talking about health. Of course, I’m not here to keep moralizing and teaching you about the importance of getting routine checkups.

Instead, I wanted to show you how your health can impact your confidence levels – and, as a result, your sales performance.

Simply speaking, if you take care of yourself, you feel better about yourself. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Now, health is a very broad topic. It can mean many things to different people.

For some, it could mean body weight or fitness level. Others may view health as the condition of your skin or hair.

These are all valid answers. And you don’t need to stop at physical health, either.

Being healthy includes feeling good and taking care of all three core aspects of yourself: physical, mental, and emotional.

The good news is, if they happen to be your issues, they’re all fixable.

Quite often, you can improve all three aspects by establishing (and sticking to) the right habits. These could include:

        Exercising regularly

        Keeping a healthy diet

        Getting enough sleep

        Making time for yourself to de-stress or decompress

All of those habits will help you reduce your stress levels, make you a lot healthier, and skyrocket your confidence. The latter will be especially visible during your interactions with potential customers, which will have a positive impact on your sales performance.