Today we said good-bye to my 16 year old sons best friend who tragically passed this Earth. The funeral service was just amazing. There was at least 1,000 people at the service. For someone so young, he touched so many. His mother said that he was an angel and angels were not supposed to be on this Earth forever. His father spoke of his love of music, gaming, eating and being the most pleasant person who always looked out for everyone else. His friends all had stories to tell of his humor, manners and friendship. He was a lovely young man in the truest sense. He had been at our home at least a dozen times and he was always the most polite, appreciative and friendliest. He always seemed more grown up than his 16 years.

The most heartfelt thing for me was when the appointed member of ‘the group’ spoke on behalf of the group of 13. He named all 13 of the friends and mentioned how this young man had changed their lives in a special way. He signalled out members of the group of 13 friends and mentioned the impact that he had had. It was very moving as my son was in that group.

I have often thought about what people will say when I am gone. Hopefully they will say that I influenced lives and made a positive difference. It’s a big question but what will they say about you? What is your purpose for being here?

Aaron’s purpose was to make people happy. He did just that every day. We’ll miss you mate. RIP.