I get it…

You’re an accountant and you’re focused on the nuts and bolts of your work. You’re trained to work with figures and provide specific results for clients.

Marketing doesn’t fall into that category. It’s floaty and perhaps more suitable for the creative types.

Except it isn’t.

Good marketing is going to help your accounting firm to scale. It’s going to get you in front of potential clients and lead to increased sales of your services.

How do you do it? Like this…

Set Firm Objectives

Your marketing material has one objective:

Sell the client on the idea that they need to get in touch with you to find out about what you offer.

That’s something that a lot of firms forget in this brand-centric environment. You might think that a shiny brochure or a TV ad’s going to cut it for your marketing strategy.

But it won’t. They may help you to build your brand but you’re not necessarily going to get responses.

And that’s the key. Without responses from clients, your marketing amounts to very little.

Building brand awareness is a common objective. But it’s not going to move the needle.

Objectives like “raise annual revenue” or “increase hourly rates” are better choices.

Know Your Clients’ Goals

You’ve worked with enough clients to know that they have some common goals.

Use that knowledge to your advantage in your marketing.

You’ve identified common pain points. You have services that can solve those problems.

Match the service to the problem to show why your firm is the firm for helping people achieve that specific goal. I recommend sprinkling in a little social proof here to back up what you’re saying.

This is especially important when marketing to your existing client base. To get that expansion revenue, you need to show that you can solve more problems than the specific issue the client came to you with.

Talk to your clients and dig deeper into the issues that they have. You’ll find more opportunities for marketing with a little exploration.