Did you know that there’s an estimated 500M+ of small to medium sized businesses in the world?

And pretty much every one of them is ‘connected’ to an accounting firm in some way, shape or form.

Be it by tax, compliance or audit.

Out of that 500M+, around 1.3M are accounting companies – just like yours – generating around US$500BN in revenue.

The problem is, the majority of them are stuck in the tax, compliance, and audit.

To be exact, 87% of all revenue is the revenue generated by ‘historical’ services.

This means that only 13% of all services are those that change lives. That generate real value for businesses and help them evolve.

Unfortunately, quite often the reason why the majority of accountants are stuck in the 87% is that they don’t know they could do better.

They were taught that accounting is all about compliance and past taxes. And, despite being very smart people, they often lack the confidence to go against the flow or they don’t know how to maximize the profitability of their accounting business.

And yet there’s a lot of money to be made in that 13% – or 31%. In the end, when you take the time to understand your client’s goals, analyze their current financial situation (all based on the numbers) and then give them practical advice around what they need to do with their debt, cash, profit, revenue assets and wealth – well… that’s how you change lives.

And I believe that every educated and skillful accountant can do that. I believe that you could do that.

In fact, I’m confident that every ambitious Partner of an Accounting firm should make at least $1M profit per year.

All that while working less than 500 client hours.

I believe that as an accountant, you can become more than just “the numbers guy”. You can become a trusted advisor who helps their clients build amazing businesses.

All that while building an amazing business for yourself.

How can you get started? If you’re ambitious, your firm is more than $500K in revenue (and below $10M), and are hungry for success, you may qualify. To find out whether I can help your accounting firm grow, just complete this short application form: