Are you selling Accounting services or are you selling that fact that you’re helping people achieve their goals in life? If I look at your website or listen to one of your sales meetings my guess is that you’re (80/20 rule generalising here) selling Accounting services. My guess is your website has ‘drop down’ categories of ‘tax’, ‘advisory’, ‘audit’ and so on. My guess is that during your sales meetings you’re quickly offering solutions (selling accounting services) rather than digging deep into the clients life and goals.

We don’t want to buy the analysis, the advice, the income tax statements, the audit. We don’t want ANY of that. We want to buy what it can do for us. Talk to me in a language that I understand. talk to me about Wealth, Profit, Cashflow, Peace of mind, Lifestyle improvement etc.

The services sold need to be matched to the goals of the client. Every client should be buying every service they need that helps them achieve their goals. I challenge every Accounting firm to meet with every client and ask them what their goals are. I challenge every Accounting firm to document their clients goals (100% of clients) and then match services to the goals. When you have a goals conversation you can’t help but sell something new and meaningful.

Make sure all of your conversations, media, words and representation are about the results and outputs – not the inputs or activities. Stop selling inputs and start selling outputs. As Andy would say in the hit sitcom Little Britain … “I want that one!”

Activites vs Inputs