The web is the way prospective clients will research Accounting firms. It is also the way potential team members will decide if they want to work for you or not. What is your presence like on the web? If you are going to have a presence then you might as well have dominant one.


Use the table and put a tick in the areas that you are non-existent, existent, competitive, distinct or breakthrough. When you score yourself do it from your target markets eyes – not yours.


My new all day seminar (Remaining Relevant) is going to address the usage of the web for an Accounting firm in detail. The day seminar will cover the actual what to do and more importantly how to do it. Suitable for all levels (beginner to advanced development) of firms. It’s on in February and March (it’s my ’20 year anniversary’ tour) all over Australasia. It’s on …. Perth Feb 25, Adelaide Feb 27, Sydney March 5, Brisbane March 8, Melbourne March 12 & Auckland March 14. For more information and booking click here


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