“The Wealthy Accountant: How Accountants Can Earn More Than $1M PROFIT While Working Less Than 500 Hours”

This book is about owners of Accounting firms working less and making more. Creating wealth through your Accounting firm. Becoming your version of “The Wealthy Accountant”.


As a Partner / Owner / Shareholder of an Accounting business you should be making at least $1M profit per Partner (after tax) per year while working less than 500 client hours. The methods in this book share a more modern approach about building a different style of Accounting business.


As you implement the ideas you will be adding tremendous value to your clients and building an amazing Accounting business for yourself. A business that is Fulfilling, Fun and Fruitful.


The 3 F’s of a successful Accounting business. As well as creating real wealth for you and your family. The strategies in the book have all been implemented by an Accounting firm somewhere. The stories are all real. And everything works.


The book walks you through the 4 key steps to becoming that WEALTHY ACCOUNTANT and reaching that $1 million profit per partner in just 500 hours:

  1. FIX day-to-day operations to free up cashflow and become more profitable;
  2. MINIMIZE time leaks dramatically so you are more efficient and create capacity;
  3. SCALE your business to whatever size you want;
  4. LEAD your team and your firm so that all of your goals are achieved.



Already, Accountants are raving about it: see reviews below

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I've been a long time follower of the incredible work Rob does with Accountants. I can honestly say there is no one better in the world when it comes to sharing how you can build a profitable practice. In this book, Rob has an uncanny ability to share the systems and processes that not only grow a practice but give back time to the owner. He's the poster child for work smarter not harder and The Wealthy Accountant shares the exact blueprint on how to make this a reality. If you're an Accountant, then you'll love this read. Practical, to the point and no fluff.

I’ve known Rob for years and I sent my accountant over to him for mentorship, a couple years ago.

All I can say is... it’s WAY better having a happy, less-stressed accountant helping you, than someone that takes days to get back to you because they’re stressed and disorganized.

I just gifted the book to another friend and he texted me with, “I like how Rob’s mind works, even if it’s like a punch in the mouth. This is what I needed. Thanks.”

If you like wasting time and money, don’t read this book.

Very few (make that very, very few) people have had such a positive impact on the Accounting Profession as Rob Nixon. And in true Rob fashion, he's measured it .... and it's amazing!

And in this 'me-to-you' book, Rob explains exactly (and I do mean exactly) how to do it.

All it needs now is YOU ... go for it and be amazed by what you and your firm can do.

I have read all of Rob's books and this one is his best yet. It is a masterpiece! I think there is no one on the planet that knows more about building profitable Accounting Practices, that Rob Nixon. His insights, ideas and information are so profound it is impossible for you to not make more money, work fewer hours and transform how you do business as an Accountant forever! You will love this book and enjoy the read!

An awesome book by a brilliant thought leader in the accounting profession. Really challenges accountants in how they can turn their practices into far more profitable ventures while decreasing the amount of time they have to work. This should be taught in accounting schools to help aspiring partners and practice owners understand how to de-commoditize their services and build a significantly better lifestyle.

There are many people out there that throw out promises to change your business and your life, but few can back that up. The knowledge and expertise that Rob Nixon brings to the table is invaluable. From marketing to production, Rob has strategies to streamline your business and take it to the next level. We cannot thank Rob enough for what he has done for us!

Rob Nixon is both a friend and coach to me. I have had the pleasure of working with Rob one on one and in group settings for years and he is always amazing. He truly understands the accounting industry and yet again delivers on powerful advice to help you with your business. If you have the opportunity to work with Rob in the future I would recommend that you take advantage of it. He will transform your business as he has done for me and countless other accountants across the world. Thank you Rob!