I have 20,570 days left to live.

That’s exactly when I turn 100. I figure that’s a good innings. That’s my goal – to leave this current world in just over 56 years.

I have an app on my iPhone that counts down each second. It’s very sobering to look at it ticking away (as I am doing right now as I write this.) Every time I open the app it stares me in the face and I get incredibly focussed.

My life purpose is to ‘Influence Lives‘. When I look at the app it reminds me to influence someone today in some way. It reminds me that I haven’t got a whole lot of time left to achieve all of my goals. It reminds me to live a great life today. It reminds me to be a good friend and awesome father and amazing husband and love (don’t always get it right but I have a good crack!).

When are you going to go? How are you living your life in the meantime?


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