What’s one of the key elements that allow successful accounting firms to build great teams?

Here’s the answer… 

It’s creating an environment that lets people at their highest level. 

Sure, money is important. 

But money alone won’t motivate your people in the long-run.

If you want to create a winning team, you need to establish a winning company culture. 

Company culture is one of the key components of every business. Naturally, this includes accounting firms.

The problem is, most firm owners don’t even know what makes a winning company culture. Not to mention creating one. 

What’s worse, they often don’t care about creating any company culture at all. They just wait for it to get created on its own. 

But, this never really works. 

The truth is, there’s a lot that goes into keeping everyone motivated within the company. One of such things is a stimulating and vibrant environment.

And, considering how mundane and repetitive some of the accounting tasks can be… it’s not that easy to create. 

It’s no surprise then why so many accountants don’t feel challenged enough to get excited about their work. They don’t feel the need to step up. They do what they’re asked to do – but rarely anything beyond that.

If you want to change that – you need to continue finding new ways to challenge them. They need to feel challenged but, at the same time, feel a sense of achievement for completing each project.

That way, they’ll feel they can learn, evolve, and thrive. 

Do you keep challenging your employees?

If you don’t, it might be time you looked into turning your company culture around. 

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