There is so much talk about what the future of the Accounting profession looks like. I believe Accountants don’t want a firm in the future. I believe they want a Firm of NOW. What you need to do NOW to be successful. What you need to be doing NOW to set you up for the future. What tools, methods, solutions, and behaviors do you need to employ NOW. We’re going to start a movement of #firmofnow. Here are 8 initial behaviors of a #firmofnow: 

The Firm of NOW is….

  1. Technology savvy – firm and the majority of clients on cloud technology platforms
  2. Pricing savvy – values the teams intellect and doesn’t price by the hour
  3. Client savvy – all clients are buying all services they need that helps them achieve their goals
  4. Cost savvy – uses offshore labour and outsources repetitive work
  5. Marketing savvy – uses automated content marketing, social media and social proof to promote
  6. Culture savvy – has created a team culture that suits all age types
  7. Services  savvy  – provides automated business services that clients need and want
  8. Community savvy – looks after those in need and does business for good

Join in the conversation and list what you believe the traits of a #firmofnow are.

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