As you remember, I shared with you the story of one of my clients, Shannon, who achieved very impressive results in just a few months – and her accounting business keeps thriving.

However, she was very close to NOT working with me. What were the reasons why she didn’t want to join?

First, she admitted that working with me was a financial stretch at the time and felt like adding a full-time person.

Plus, she was already overwhelmed, and the firm was going into the end of the year.

What encouraged her to give it a try was my guarantee.

You see, I guarantee all enthusiastic, determined, and motivated accounting firm owners at least $375K profit increase – which is 5 times what they pay for my services.

Naturally, she still came with a plan of leaving – and that’s what she recommends everyone does.

At the same time, she’s confident that if you implement everything, and do what you need to do to get this to work for your accounting business, it will.

Depending on your business model, there will be different things that will need to be changed. Of course, on top of helping you find them, I’ll help you stay motivated and hold you accountable for implementing those changes.

But you’ve got to come with enough determination – so that I can see you’re willing to do the work.

That’s also why I hand-pick all the accounting firms that I work with and separate them into groups of no more than 8. In fact, you might get into one group with John or Shannon, who’re already quite successful.

Keep in mind, however, that on top of determination, you’ve got to already have revenue of at least $500K and willing to change quite a lot about the way you do business – including your business model.

But if I feel that you’re the right fit – you’re almost in. To find that out, complete this short application form: