After advising Accounting firms for 24+ years I find that most do not reflect enough on what has happened (current reality) and then make changes going forward.
A simple exercise of “start”, “stop” & “continue” is often needed. What are you going to start doing to get a different result? What are you going to stop doing to get a different result and what are you continue doing that works?
To help you out I have broken your performance into 8 categories. What I call “The 8 Performance Accelerators”. 
They are the 8 critical areas in your firm that make a profound impact on the performance of your firm. Each one can be measured and improved. Each one flows into each other and all are equally important.
As you reflect on the past 12 months think critically about the 3 questions under each category. Then (if you are motivated enough) do something about them. When you do you’ll create a massive difference toy your firm. BTW, the average profit improvement of the firms I coach (in these 8 areas) is a 93% increase – in year 1.
The 8 Performance Accelerators
1) Pricing & Packaging process
  • Does every client know the price and scope of work before you start?
  • For ‘known’ work for the year is every client on a monthly fixed fee?
  • Are you maximizing your intellectual property value on every client project?
2) Communication program
  • Have you documented the goals of every client you want to keep?
  • Do you have a structured ‘touch point’ communication program for every client you want to keep?
  • Does everyone follow the structured program?
3) Workflow efficiency model
  • Is every client on a pure cloud accounting package?
  • Are you accurately measuring ‘time under budget’ (TUB) on every project?
  • Does your current workflow production process consistently drive time under budget?
4) Time utilization model
  • Are the Partners spending at least 60% of their time selling?
  • Is everyone focused only on the 3 highest dollar productive activities for them?
  • Is there at least 30% of capacity available at any one time to grow the revenue?
5) Community of followers
  • Do you have a definable target market (industry sector) that you market to?
  • Would you enthusiastically accept all of your current clients again?
  • Do you have an active marketing database of followers that grows in volume every day?
6) Marketing & Sales process
  • Are you generating at least 50% of your current client base in quality leads (inbound enquiry) each year?
  • Do you have a structured (documented) sales process that anyone could follow?
  • Are all clients buying everything they need that helps them achieve their goals?
7) Product mix
  • Do you have less products (services) rather than more for a client to pick from?
  • Are all of your products documented and productized?
  • Do your clients thoroughly understand all of your products and what they can do for them?
8) People structure & performance
  • Would you enthusiastically rehire everyone you currently employ?
  • Do you have an active organizational chart where everyone knows their role?
  • Do you performance manage out mediocre people consistently and only hire ‘A’ players?
They are tough questions to get a “yes” on. They’re designed to be tough. If you want to build an amazing Accounting firm that produces a great result for you and your clients then you need more “yesses” to these questions.
As you head to the new year reflect on these questions and (again) if you are motivated then do something different in 2019.
Enjoy the holidays and have a Happy New Year. See you on the other side.