Following on from part 1 here are the first 2 A’s in detail:


If you do not aspire to anything more than you currently are then you are going be remain exactly where you currently are.

Apathy (another A word and not a good one) is the killer of business performance and success.  By and large the Accounting profession is too comfortable. Some would say it’s bordering on lazy. The reactive nature of a regular Accountant breeds apathy. Thankfully the new partners coming through (25-40 years of age) are not nearly as apathetic as many older partners who have their assets set up and (some would say) just “cruising”.

So if you aspire to more, you can have more.  The Accounting profession can provide fabulous profits (more than $1M per partner), amazing cash-flow (single figure WIP and debtor days), great professional fulfillment (really helping people achieve amazing results) and a tremendous lifestyle (minimal working hours).

Unless you aspire to something more you will not make the changes necessary to get a vastly different result.

So step 1. Work out what you want from this business that you own.

If you want an idea of what your business can look like make sure you ask one of our coaching team to do a complimentary ‘business performance review’ on your firm. They will analyse your current position and show you what is possible if you make some changes in the right areas.


This is a people business. You hire people, you deal with people and you help people. There are a number of questions you have to ask yourself in relation to people:

  1. Is your team engaged?
  2. Is your team motivated to help you?
  3. Is your team trained and properly resourced?
  4. Is your team efficient?
  5. Is your team really service orientated?
  6. Is your team technically competent?
  7. Is your team participating in your desired culture?
  8. Is your team coachable?

In all my experience dealing with teams the last point is the most important. How coachable is your team? If they are not coachable then you have got close to zero chance of achieving points 1-7.

Maybe you do have the right team and they are coachable. If so, then great – you have the ingredients of creating the A-Team.

Once you have the A-Team in place and they are trained, motivated and participating in your culture then business is so much easier.


Aspirations + A-Team + Action + Accountability = Achievement


The next 2 A’s will be in a few days.