Getting Ready for Tax Season


Wednesday, December 18 @ 12 noon, Pacific Time, USA

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During this webinar, I will share with you all of the methods you need to be able to:

Organise your clients and your workflow

Increase capacity through efficiencies

Reduce stress, worry and frustration

Remove roadblocks

Have your firm running like a well-oiled machine

Get your house in order

The methods I address in this webinar are so successful that one firm I have been advising went for a skiing holiday during this year’s tax season.

If you want your next tax season to be great and minus the chaos then you must attend this webinar.

About me, your host, Rob Nixon

Profitable Partners – CEO & Founder
Best-selling Author and Success Coach to Accountants worldwide

I love to dive deep and share stories of how accounting firms have transformed their businesses to increase revenue and profit, while also reducing time. After 25 years coaching Accountants in 18 countries, I’ve learnt how to boost profits by an average of 93% in one year.

My training programs are being used in over 35 countries and my experience extends to training 178,000 Accountants on how to grow revenue and profit while reducing time.

But above all, I think Accountants are awesome! I’ve worked with literally thousands of Accountants over the past few decades and I am consistently impressed by the level of skill and expertise these professionals exhibit. So my goal is to create better lifestyles for Accountants and have them start living the lives they deserve.

Join the webinar and I promise it will be entertaining,  valuable and worthwhile use of your time. 


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