In 1989 Stephen R Covey wrote the seminal book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. It has sold 25+ Million copies and has been rated one of the 25 most influential business books of our time.

He died just a while ago after complications with a bicycle accident.  He was 79 years young.

He will be long remembered for his words, inspiration and legacy. His 7 habits shaped my life and many others I know: (in brackets my definition)

1) Be Proactive (get on the front foot and lead the way)

2) Begin with the end in mind (start at the end and work backwards to today)

3) Put first things first (get focused on what matters now – not the trivial crap)

4) Think WIN-WIN (think of the other person when doing a deal)

5) Seek first to understand, then to be understood (listen first, then give your opinion)

6) Synergize (magnify you via others)

7) Sharpen the saw (measure twice and cut once – get the skills you need to not make mistakes)

My business is called the “Proactive Accountants Network” for good reason.

He will be sadly missed. Most off by his family. RIP Stephen R Covey.

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