I have been fortunate to be a sales professional for 28 years. I continue to attend sales training programs but more importantly I am selling every single day. I love sales and I think I am REALLY good sales professional.

Here is my bullet point list of what I think are the most important keys to sales success:

  • Planning – pre-planning, research, questionnaires, incoming data
  • Results – conversation rate monitoring, sales skills, disciplined approach
  • Organised – doing the right things, tracking, pipeline management, follow up everything
  • Activity – calls & meetings numbers each week based on sales capacity
  • Confidence – self esteem, dress sense, health, story telling, case studies
  • Tonality – language, style, authority
  • Industry – knowledge of the industry selling to
  • Value – reasons to buy, product value, what’s in it for me
  • Empathy – listening, asking lots of questions, understanding the now and the where

It spells Proactive! Good selling to you.