After 18 years working within the accounting profession I have developed a brilliant 3 step delivery model which my coaches follow and all of the content we deliver follows.

To develop an accounting firm we coach and teach them to…

1) Get better with what they have got
2) Get capacity
3) Grow revenue substantially

Most accounting firms are busy busy busy. So it is pointless marketing extensively if you cannot deliver on the new work. Typically we can get a firm to ‘run out of regular’ work in the first year. A typical result is what you used to do in 12 months now takes 9 months. That creates capacity. You need to be offering value added services early so you can fill the pending capacity.

The diagram below highlights the 4 key areas we help firms with. Workflow, People, Revenue & clients. There are 26 sub points which we feel are vitally important to work on and get right. We have the tools, content, proven processes to fix each area and develop the firm.

To be a successful accounting firm you need to have all 4 major areas working like clockwork.

Roadmap to success