Conference days. John Warrilow was first up with an awesome 3 hour workshop on how Accountants can help their clients sell their businesses. To push the value of a business up the acronym of TVR needs to be in place – Teachable, Valuable and Repeatable. He gave the delegates the 6 hierarchy of recurring revenue as well as a plethora of tools on how they can help their clients.

Next up Dandapani (my wild card ex-monk). Dandapani (or D-man as we affectionately call him) rocked the house. An ex-monk who spent 10 years in the Monastery is now teaching people on personal development. He was simply awesome. Everyone loved him and his message of concentration, energy management & relationships suited every person in the room. We even convinced the ex-monk to play some golf with us – his first time.

Then we had Gold Medalist and 5 time Olympian (the only woman in Australia to do so) Natalie Cook deliver a session on ‘Sustained Motivation’. She has been at the top of her game for 20 years and what she taught us all are all the tricks to her success. Not only is Nat an awesome success story and inspiration she is a very handy golfer. She took the cash with a stableford score of 50 points. Might have to re-handicap her next time!

We also had 5 of our best performing accounting firms speak on their success. We call it “the Best of the best”. Greg & Vanessa spoke on workflow from Alliott. Tracey, Paul & Sandra from KSM spoke on team performance.  Tracey & Jason from Proview, Peter & Bernie from ZJL and Ray and Danella from Taggart all spoke on Revenue and Clients. Thank you all for your words of wisdom.

I delivered a session and so did my business partner, Colin Dunn. The feedback was this was our best conference ever.

What was interesting from this conference we had many Accountants elect not to attend because they thought the speaker line up was a bit weak. Judging by the comments in writing how wrong they were. The 200 delegates loved it!