Day 3 in Queenstown – raining, cold and exciting! We had our opening cocktail event tonight complete with amazing views, great laughs, the Haka (which I did with a Monk, a Canadian, a bunch of Aussies and a few Kiwis) and we even have a new competition – Extreme Accounting.

Although we had the team / client / sponsor plane stranded in Brisbane we still had circa 200 people at the Gondola for a lot of fun tonight. Seeing we are in the adventure capital of the world we have a competition – Extreme Accounting photo comp. The delegates need to have a photo of themselves doing something which the judging panel may deem to be extreme …. accounting extreme.

We’re not sure what that means until we see the snaps coming through. Winner gets a hefty prize. Photo of me and 2 of our guest speakers, John Warrilow (Canadian) and Dandapani (the monk).


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