I didn’t realise how much my ‘stunt’ would work in Queenstown. At every break at the conference we drew 2 delegates names out of a hat. They were the prize winners. They didn’t know what their prize would be. 4 days later we transported the entire group of 200 delegates to AJ Hackett Bungy. The prize winners (17 of them in the end) were gifted a bungy jump.

If they didn’t do it they had to re-gift the prize and pay $500 to charity. We had another 18 buy a bungy (all accountants remember) for a total of 35 jumpers. Many were scared / nervous / petrified but they did it anyway. As one of our speakers (Dandapani the ex-monk) said “proceed with confidence”.

As the leader I went first. Here is the opening video of me jumping. Note the perfect swan dive!

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