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Hi – It’s awesome that you want to improve your firm.

There are many ways to improve an Accounting firm. After training over 185,000 Accountants in 18 countries and coaching 510 firms (adding $910M in profit to them) I have observed what works and what does not.

This scorecard and report is what does work.

When you complete it honestly, the report you receive will give you 40 key strategies on what you need to implement to be a higher performing Accounting firm.

Completing this report will provide recommendations on:

  • How to FIX day to day operations while increasing profit and cashflow.
  • How to MINIMIZE time dramatically 
  • How to SCALE your firm to whatever size you want.
  • How to LEAD your Accounting firm to great success.

The firms that have a high score are typically earning more than $1M profit per Partner while working less than 500 client hours.

I’m looking forward to sharing the insights with you.

Rob Nixon