As an accountant and business owner, you know how important it is to have the right processes in place for you and your team.

They help you reduce the time that you spend working with clients, increasing your ROI. In fact, the lack of optimized processes could quickly lead to chaos – especially if you’re growing fast.

Knowing that there’s an office “procedure manual” floating around the office somewhere makes day-to-day tasks a lot easier. When simple things are all written down, you don’t have to worry about them as much.

This gives you a lot more energy to focus on things that really matter – doing the work you’re paid for and growing your business.

Naturally, such manuals don’t exist simply for office procedures.

Sales can work in a similar fashion. One step leads to another until you reach the end goal. Having a workflow process for your salespeople allows you to find the things that work and replicate them.

Often, all you need to create an effective sales process is copying the best salesperson in your team. Ask them to break down all the things that they’re doing to close a deal – and then give this “manual” to the rest of the sales team.

Of course, the idea isn’t to memorize this manual from cover to cover.

However, if you create a repeatable process, it will give you and your team members more confidence.

And what if you already have a decent revenue and quite a few processes in place?