Paula joined my mastermind coaching program just 3 months ago. When we met she was $440K in revenue (2017) and $101k profit.. She had an average hourly rate of $47 (for all hours worked). The business had relatively flat growth and an average fee per client of $2,169.

Note: Before you discount Paula as a small CPA firm – don’t. It doesn’t matter what size your firm is, what matters is what has been implemented and how. My strategies work for small firms like Paula’s or much larger firms. The strategies are the same – just different numbers.

She posted this message today on my community forum about the last 3 months. In her words – unedited….


#Huge Win! Shout out to Rob and the KRA tracker! Without it I don’t think I would be anywhere near as motivated as I am now. Thank you! We have actually blown right by our Target for the month of September. Ended the month with $181,906 in billing. I remember thinking when I posted my revenue target, “oh, those are nice numbers for 3 years from now…” but I don’t feel that way anymore. So don’t think they you need to put off and do things “as you have time”. Make the time. Put in the time now. This program has breathed new life into my business! We are busier than we have ever been before and we are doing more than we have ever done before. You can too!

Here is what we have accomplished in the last three months:
We have moved the firms accounting to QBO because how can I make my clients if I’m not? It took us 3 months to get the process complete to use QBO for billing, but it’s done and new processes in action!
25% Price INCREASE for all tax clients…yes, some are complaining but not all!
We’ve set up GoPROPOSAL to streamline new client on-boarding and invoicing. Used it for 5 clients so far.
We are implementing an online practice management software called KARBON – integrates with GoPROPOSAL and QBO to streamline on-boarding and invoicing and task hand-off! We go live on October 16!
We hired 2 fantastic new people from TOA…starting October 15 & 29.
We are documenting processes to help with seamless hand-off of work
All time is chargeable – even admin time. Some of our best client interfaces are administrative…why shouldn’t they be paying for service!
Went paperless
Changing time tracking to TSHEETS
Really really utilizing cloud with clients
Unbundled and now offering everything someone might want in the first sit down meeting
Offering new services with PROFITCENTS and have one committed and 3 considering
We are a team and are team structured
Using Quarterly Themes – next quarter theme is LASER FOCUSED…this is probably my favorite idea…planning a photo shoot to get the team excited about our new attitude
Brought on my first $2,000 a month client…second is considering his $3,300 a month quote…We will be rolling out our streamlining and efficiency and driving down time when we start moving desktop clients to QBO next quarter.
My goal for 2018 was $750K and we will make that number in the next day or 2! This is so exciting! I LOVE it!!


Huge congratulations to Paula and her team. What I love about Paula’s post is that she has been very prescriptive in what she has done to get an awesome result for the last quarter. It’s a typical result.

Here is a summary of her numbers for the last 90 days
Team size (incl Paula) – 6 – same as previous quarter
Clients – 280 – an increase of 21 quality clients
Average hourly rate (for all hours worked) $97 – increase of $50 over previous year
Average fee per client – $5,042 – increase of $2,873 over previous year
Revenue qtr – $296,462 – full year was $440,236
Profit qtr – $186,346 (63%) – full year 2017 was $101,777
After 90 days implementing a small number of my strategies Paula is well on her way to $1M profit while her client chargeable hours are below 500 for the year.

I hope you enjoyed Paula’s success as much as I did.