I often wonder what Partners of Accounting firms do all day. Sure they are busy – but are they effective? Accountants are good at time sheets so why not keep one for a couple of weeks on exactly where you spend your time. Once the log starts repeating itself stop keeping the log. Then go through an highlight the single ‘highest dollar productive’ activity over the past couple of weeks. Then highlight the 2nd highest then the 3rd. Stop at 3.

When you’re done I will bet that the best use of your time is something like:

  1. Doing high end advisory work – not compliance but value added work based on value based fees work
  2. Sales meetings with existing or prospective clients
  3. Leadership – driving performance or coming up with new ideas (reading this blog and implementing counts BTW)

Everything else is not a good use of time. The highest performing firms do not let Partners do anything else but these 3. How are you spending your time?