Today was my first ride on my new wheels. I selected the brand GIANT, the model PROPEL and with VISION wheels. I figured 3 powerful words might make a difference. I don’t think the names made a difference but I do think the brilliant engineering and carbon fibre did. By comparison a massive upgrade on my old clunker. I was able to smash 10 personal best times this morning and it rode with ease without being as tired afterwards.

It got me thinking about business. I started thinking about equipment changes making a big difference. Then I realised it was all about ‘breaking with’ something to get a ‘breakthrough’. My buddy Michael Sheargold first coined the phrase “A breakthrough often happens after a breakwith.” My breakwith was the old bike to get a breakthrough for better times, smoother ride and less fatigue.

I wonder what people in business need to breakwith? Maybe systems, methods, equipment, people, clients, old habits or products. Could a breakthrough happen in your business if you ‘brokewith’ some things?