I interviewed John Warrillow yesterday of “Built to Sell” fame. See his website. I have him speaking at my conference next year and he dropped this absolute gem.

“When someone is selling their house they open up a new wallet so they can renovate, add value and sell it for the most amount of money possible. It is not different when someone wants to sell their business. They may be spending X with an Accountant now on compliance, however with a future sale they will invest in advisory services to get it ready for sale”.

I have hired John because both he and I believe that Accountants are the best placed advisers to help their clients get ready for sale – whether they want to or not right now. He will be taking the 224 delegates through practical examples on what Accountants can do to really help their clients.

Conference registrations close on December 21. March 17-21, Queenstown New Zealand. There are a few seats left.