My grandfather lived a life of purpose and meaning. As an example, when I first came over here (UK) in 1988 he was secretly and purposefully dating Nancy. 

When I returned home from that trip in early 1989 we got a call from Grandad that he was coming to Australia the next day – as he had just married Nancy. Sneaky bugger. 

I made a few calls and you threw a party for him. They ended up missing their  flight! 28 Years later of wonderful marriage to Nancy. Thank you Nancy for taking care of him for all these years. 

As a huntsman with his beloved Border he hunted on horseback from the age of 4 to 74. What an inspiration. My Grandad traveled quite a lot over the years. 

On one trip to Australia he was up the front of the plane with Nancy and the hostess was serving Dom Peringnon champagne. She said “Mr. Nixon, may I bring you a glass of water”. “I can get that at HOME” was his purposeful Geordie reply.  

Grandad left a good model of life – work hard, play hard and live large. 

To me he left a legacy.

I have made around 20 trips up here (UK) over the years. The most recent was in March this year. We said our good byes then. Over the years I have realised that you were all such a big part of his life. He contributed to your life and you contributed to his. 

Many of you have hunted with him, laughed with him and you even marched with him in London to support what he loved. 

And of course many of you have drunk his famous Grouse and he has drunk much of yours.  I think you’re about square. 

So on behalf of the Grandchildren – myself, Edward, John, Lizzy, Gillian and Christine, our respective spouses and Joes great Grand children whom he adored, I want thank you all for helping to make his life very meaningful, purposeful and very special.

I know you’re listening Grandad – we all love you very much.