I am at the airport heading home to Australia and I thought you might find this interesting.

In the past 2 weeks I have delivered my “Minimizing Time” workshop to 23 firms over 3 Mastermind sessions here in the USA. At the end of each session I asked the following question.

“Based on what you’ve learned today, how much more efficient do you think your firm will be”?

The lowest score was 10% and the highest was 50%. The mean was 35%. That means that these firms (who are already pretty good BTW) will achieve …

  • 35% less time on every client job
  • 35% faster turnaround time – jobs in and out
  • 35% of new capacity
  • 35% of write ups – write offs gone!

And who knows the impact (other than good) it has on customer service.

Here’s the BIG advantage which is only a few months away.

When implementing these ‘Minimizing Time projects’ the craziness of busy season 2019 (assuming same headcount) GOES AWAY.

No more 12 hour days

No more weekends

No more stress

It just goes away.

Think about it. You have a fixed fee with a client and you reduce the ‘worked time’ by 35%. That’s all new margin, new capacity and less worked hours needed. Less hours worked means less humans needed etc etc.

The question is WHAT are they implementing to achieve 35% reduction of time?

It’s not one thing. It’s quite a number of projects. Here is a summary list of what they are implementing:

  • manufacturing / lean process for compliance
  • scheduling of work for the year ahead
  • time budgets on all jobs
  • ‘how to drive time down’ workshop on every job
  • more administration people
  • cloud technology for clients
  • cloud technology for firm
  • workflow technology that works
  • incoming raw materials process
  • review / bottle neck process
  • scanned everything
  • self imposed deadlines on every job – at least 4
  • process documentation
  • new systems for the firm and the clients
  • training process of team

The list goes on. It was super exciting to see it unfold.

Think about the next 100 days or so. What could you do to minimize time in your firm and get ready for busy season 2019