You want to know what’s is CRITICALright now if you want to keep growing your business?

Lead generation.

Because you have a lead generation strategy, right?

Don’t worry – if you chuckled or are wondering what you just read, you are not alone. Many accounting firms don’t pay much attention to the active lead generation.

New clients just magically appear, right?

Only that they don’t. At least not if you don’t want to rely on referrals alone. But it’s unlikely referrals alone will take you to the level that I want you to get to.

The key? You need to get proactive. Start actively reaching out to potential customers.There are many ways in which you could do that:

  • Seminars and workshops (network and show your expertise at the same time)
  • Mail (direct mail works great if you can prove your value)
  • Webinars (especially if they’re a part of a bigger sales funnel setup)
  • Electronic or paper newsletters (perfect if you want to build a relationship)

The list could go on and on.

The key here is, you can still use referrals. However, if you add to that persistent marketing, you can grow much faster.

And, speaking of marketing, you want it to be really targeted. It’s the only way to attract those A-Grade clients.

You want to target ambitious owners focused on growth. Those who focus on value and not the price. You want someone hungry for success. Clients who want to make big changes for big wins.

Study them and find out where they hang out online and reach them there. Of course, don’t forget that the marketing efforts need to reflect your branding!

Use language and imagery to match how your target clientele thinks. Use consistent branding to position yourself as more trustworthy. If you want to charge like professionals, you need to act like one. You can also listen to one (or, actually, two) professionals, talk about their firms in a free webinar for even more ideas. Simply click here to access it.

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