This morning I needed to iron a business shirt. My wife is away this week and our housekeeper doesn’t arrive for 2 hours. I have ironed many a shirt in hotels whilst travelling but at home I cannot remember the last time I ironed anything – our housekeeper does that. She is a trained professional.

Sure enough the first thing I had to do was find the iron and the board. WOW – this thing was like it was out of Star Trek. It had retractable cords, a big cradle that does who knows what and more buttons than my Virgin Galactic space ship that I am going on.

I picked it up (by what looked like a handle) and promptly dropped the entire thing on the laundry floor. What looked like a water canister flew across the room so I figured it was dry and filled it full of water. Put the bit of tech back together and turned on the ignition at the wall. Nothing. After looking about there was a second ignition on the base with 4 settings. Being a male I yanked it to the first setting – hoping for the best.

Sure enough it fired up and started to make all sorts of whirring noises. It was hot in seconds so off I go. Shirt laid out and I found another couple of buttons. Pressed one and wooshka a shot of steam come out. Without even looking I started ironing. As I did a couple of strokes all this brown stuff came out all over my shirt. Yuk. No idea what it was so I cleaned if off the shirt. Now I have a wet shirt. I inspect the device and it looks good to go. So I start again. But this time it is so hot I burn the shirt – seems my setting was on ultra hot for ultra hard fabrics.

What a disaster. Shirt ruined.

I have a new lesson this morning. If you don’t want to use the tool then don’t learn how to use the tool. What are you doing that you shouldn’t be doing – there are others who can do it far better and quicker than you. Leave it to the trained professionals. Val will be here in a couple of hours to make it all better. I need a coffee!