Previously, I have shared with you the results achieved by one of my clients, John. He doubled the profits of his accounting firm after the first year of working with me and expects to grow his business more this year.

All that despite reducing his workload and cutting down the payroll. He now has more time for his children and hobbies than he ever had while running his accounting firm.

One of the things that he believes was critical in achieving such spectacular results was learning to say no.

He decided to stop onboarding clients he wasn’t interested in working with. Clients who didn’t fit his new strategy and the vision of his “ideal client”. He plans to sell all those left who he no longer believes are a good fit.

On top of that, he also ditched doing extra services free of charge every time he gets asked about them. Instead of agreeing right away, he tells his customers the exact price upfront (and gets paid in advance).

The biggest surprise? The majority of his clients are fine with that change.

The beauty of it is it saves his team a lot of administrative time – they no longer have to chase so many payments and can focus on doing the work.

This also means their processes are much better optimized, which helps them prepare better for the tax season.

All that not only helped make the work go smoother but also saved John dozens of hours of administrative work every month.

On top of the above changes, he learned how to delegate more of his accounting duties. He now let’s the quality control people do the work instead of him doing all the checks on his own.

He believes that having someone between the tax preparers and himself is a real blessing – which is quite obvious considering how time-consuming quality control can be.

For John, the biggest benefit of our partnership was that his time and money improved dramatically.

Of course, his level of success proves how ambitious and determined he was to implement all the changes proposed. However, if you consider yourself just as determined, there could be an open spot for you in one of my groups – if it’s still open, you can begin your application here:

I encourage you to hurry up if you want to secure a spot. As I work with small groups made up of just 8 firms each.