I speak with business people every day and when they find out that my clients are Accountants I invariably get something like…

 “My Accountant is so slack – they don’t get back to me quickly”

“I think I need a new Accountant – my one just does the basics”

“I am sure they don’t tell me everything I need to know”

“My Accountant is behind the times – they are not up with technology”

“They are so slow to get my annual accounts done”

“They never call me or visit to see how I am going”

“They must be able to help more than they do”

 If this is what you feel (or a variation of) then maybe it’s time to switch to a more proactive Accountant that really helps you.

You can tell a proactive Accountant because they are just that…proactive!

Proactive Accountants look and behave differently. They…


  • Spend time with you to understand your business or personal situation
  • Offer ideas, strategies and services that are aligned with your goals
  • Do not charge you for phone calls, emails and quick meetings
  • Visit and phone you regularly ‘to check in and see how you’re going’ – at no charge
  • Are savvy with the latest technology that will help you
  • Have modern facilities and equipment
  • Have friendly people who are service orientated
  • Price your work in advance so you have no surprise bills
  • Build a professional business relationship with you
  • Ask for your opinion on how they can serve you better
  • Are focussed on quick turnaround time of communication and your work
  • Are organised with the way they run their business
  • Advise you well in advance of any forthcoming tax bill so there are no surprises
  • They speak in your language and do not ‘beat around the bush’ when they tell you what you need to do
  • Offer a range of business improvement, wealth creation and asset protection services
  • Using cloud based software they do complimentary ‘business performance reviews’ with you to analyse the past and advise on the future.

Sound ideal? They do exist.

To change Accountants is easy. All you need to do is follow this simple 3 step process:

  1.  Find a new one that suits your needs – click here or see below.
  2. Advise your current one that you have decided to change – tell them your needs have changed and you have found a firm that better suits your current situation. Do the current one the decency of speaking with them – not just sending off an email or skipping this step altogether.
  3. Have the new Accountant send an ‘ethical clearance letter’ to the current one so all of your information can be transferred. It’s a professional courtesy letter that Accountants send to each other when they win a new client. Ethically, your current Accountant is obliged to send everything across.


If your current Accountant (who you are leaving) is professional enough there should be no hard feelings that you are leaving. Maybe it’s a wake-up call for them to change their behaviour.

Now onto finding a new one that suits your situation.

The firms that are part of the Proactive Accountants Network have all signed up to the checklist above. They are committed to being proactive and adding value. As well as the statutory compliance work they focus on 7 key areas with their clients:

  1. Growth of revenue and wealth
  2. Profit Improvement
  3. Cashflow improvement
  4. Tax minimisation
  5. Asset protection
  6. Succession planning
  7. Financial Retirement

There are hundreds of them around the world. Click here to find one that suits your needs.

If you are an Accountant and you are interesting in being on our registry of Proactive Accountants you have 2 options:

  1. Either attending my upcoming seminar (starts next week on June 12 around Australia)
  2. And/or make an inquiry as to how you achieve the list above