Last time I shared with you some of the steps that one of my clients – John – did to significantly improve his accounting firm.

Today, I want to share with you another story that proves that you could be just a few changes away from:

– Working with the clients you like and doing the work you and your team members enjoy

– All that while having to manage fewer clients and making more money.

Sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s exactly what Shannon Badger from San Antonio, Texas and her team keep doing ever since she started working with me.

And it took her and her team just a few months to achieve really amazing results!

We started working together in September of 2018. Her accounting firm closed that year with $1.2 million in revenue and a 15% profit.

Then, in April of 2019, her company was at $700K revenue – and the profit was already higher than that for 2018 – at 35%!

They are on track for $2M revenue for 2019 and 50% profit.

What problems did she solve to get to where she’s now in such a short time?

First, just like John (mentioned in last email), she identified the clients that she wanted to keep.

Before that, her accounting firm worked with clients from all over the place – from those looking for tax compliance service to businesses requiring ongoing tax consultancy.

When she reached out to me, they had 230 clients.

Once she identified the ones worth keeping, she sold 2/3rds of all clients that she had and reduced that number to 85.

The interesting thing about them is the revenue:

They went from $2500 to $18,000 average revenue per accounting client.

This just goes to show how much money & time they were losing by working with clients who were too small to keep.

What’s more, in just a year, she has now increased the average earnings per client to $25,000.

Their targeted all clients who they could provide accounting services all year round.

Instead of focusing on the numbers, they decided to focus on the quality of their client base.

Speaking of which, if you’d like to improve the quality of the clients that you work with and find those ideal for your accounting services, I can help you remodel your firm. You can begin your application here:

But hurry up – I keep my groups small so that I can allocate as much time to each of the members as possible. Plus, it makes networking and exchanging ideas much easier.