Previously, I showed you examples of a 12-month average hourly rate and revenue goals I set for two of my clients.

However, if we work together, I can assure you that big changes are happening during the first 90 days already. How big?

My client Kevin had his record quarter with 55% profit margin – and made 50% of his 2018 profit in 90 days. Plus, he reduced partner time substantially.

Jon, my other client, had a record quarter too. However, during that quarter he made more than he did during the whole previous year! His accounting firm is on track to have the best year ever.

Similarly, my client Paula had a profit of $186K in the first 90 days. That might not be a lot to some – but if you consider that her profit for the whole previous year was at $110K – that’s something.

You see what I did here? I want to show you that my services can provide my clients with real value.

That’s exactly what I want to teach you.

When you’re able to prove that value, you can finally start charging what you’re really worth.

I want to help you change your business in a way that benefits both you and your current and future clients.

However, it’s not just about sharing testimonials trying to convince your potential clients.

Some of the strategies that my clients are implementing are about using new technology and manufacturing methods to be super-efficient. This helps you minimize the effort required to do the majority of your work.

They’re about making sure that all clients and their goals are documented. Often, they require my clients to make big changes to the way they do business.

However, if you consider that you’ll probably be doing the same work for the next 10, 20 or 30 years, I believe it’s better to make that changes now.

Speaking of which – if you’d like to start working with me and revolutionize your business right away (and are willing to do the work needed to make it happen), you’re almost in.

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