Aussie Accountants: Another financial year is over. Another begins. How was your year? If not great then what are you going to do differently? Same same = same same.

Some things you may want to consider to make this one a cracker:

  1.  Ditch all charge rates and go to $1 per unit/hour – it’ll force you to think of value not rate and price up front
  2. Contact every client and do a free TRUST assessment – the value add and the work you get will be enourmous
  3. Visit every single client you want to keep in a systematic way in a 100 day period – asking questions not giving advice
  4. Invent 3 new products (with branded labels) that will add value to your clients
  5. Build your prospective database – add a zero onto the one you already have
  6. Clean up your database by employing a telemarketer from the Philippines to get on the phone
  7. Hire an “Odesker” or “Elancer” or “Freelancer” to do some marketing work (,,
  8. Buy an accounting firm and boost your fees – most banks will lend 60% of your current revenue for acquisitions
  9. Get your firm ‘on the cloud’ – either private cloud or full cloud so you can be more efficient
  10. Create a community in your client base – get them talking to each other and helping each other out
  11. Train all of you client facing team members in sales – includes the partners
  12. Investigate and make a decision on your people resourcing for the future by getting involved in outsourcing or offshoring
  13. Re-invent your brand if not done so in the past 3 years

Lastly. Stop moaning (aka blaming) about the economy, the tax office, your clients and your people. As my Accountant says – the fish rots from the head down. Take a good hard look at yourself and decide how you can change. If you want to build a better business you must first become a better business person.

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