Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true in 2016. In 2015 we had a ‘sorting out’ year. It was a big one filled with many challenges and new learnings. Here is a high level summary of the main activities in my company, PANALITIX:

  1. Cashflow product released with great fan fare
  2. Industry legends – Mike Chisholm / Ric Payne / Paul Dunn brought on board as shareholders and advisers
  3. Principa acquisition – member base company out of the USA
  4. Bali conference – #THEPAC – a volcano got in the way and 40% of the delegation turned up – turned out to be a great conference
  5. Capital raising – stage 1 complete – we now have 64 total shareholders
  6. Restructured into an unlisted public company
  7. Corporate governance personified – Chairman, Board of Directors, Board of Advisers, Board meetings etc
  8. Launched in the UK – Country manager, Office set up + 6 team members,
  9. 2020 Group marketing alliance in the UK
  10. 2 roadshows & >50 Webinars – about 5,000 people influenced
  11. Hired 21 new amazing team members – total 40 people now
  12. Closed coachingclub after 10 years – what a ride that’s been
  13. 140+ projects completed in the last quarter alone

We’re all set up for a dazzling 2016. Stay tuned!