Next week I start my “Remaining Relevant” seminar tour. My first tour in 18 months and I will be celebrating my 20th year working for the Accounting profession. We ave 600 Accountants booked in so it will be a great program. Below are 35 key questions that I will be asking the group. These are THE 5 biggest questions to ask of your firm in 7 key areas. At the seminar I will go into detail on the how to’s as well.

They are yes or no answers. You can only say ‘yes’ if the strategy is either documented, completed, part of culture or the entire team are aware of it!

See what score you come up with.  Post a comment with your score. BTW, if the score is less than 25 then you need to attend the seminar. Click here!


1. Do you have a concise and exciting long-term (3-5 years) strategic vision that combats external forces?

2. Has your strategic vision been documented into a ‘one page plan’ and the entire team understands it?

3. Do you have a core purpose and BHAG that the entire team are excited about?

4. Do you have real core values & performance standards that guide your decision making and behaviour?

5. Is your strategy broken down to 3 years, 1 year, quarterly, monthly and weekly KPIs and projects?


6. Are all ‘recurring’ client projects scheduled at least 6 months in advance?

7. Do you have an ‘efficiency’ process (technology & visual management) that takes time out of jobs?

8. Does every client project have a ‘maximum hour’s’ budget – and are the hours always challenged down?

9. Do you have dedicated ‘client service coordinators’ who manage all client information and workflow?

10. Do you measure ‘turnaround time’ on every job and implement strategies to improve it?


11. Does every client know the price and scope of work before you start every project?

12. Have you abolished charge rates but kept time sheets?

13. Do you measure ‘average hourly rate’ on every invoice and implement strategies to improve it?

14. Do you ‘clean out’ WIP every single month?

15. Do you have an accounts receivable process that is documented and adhered to?


16. Do you have every team member as an ‘A’ player?

17. Does every team member know their 3-5 key priorities they need to focus on / implement each quarter?

18. Do you have a meeting rhythm of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly meetings?

19. Do all of your team know their KPI’s and are they held accountable to them each week?

20. Do you have a regular and structured ‘soft skills’ training program for all of team members?


21. Has your brand (web, value proposition, collateral etc) been refreshed / overhauled in the last 2 years?

22. Do you have a reliable ‘enquiry generation’ process that delivers consistent enquiries every month?

23. Do you have a written, adhered to and structured client communication process?

24. Do you have a ‘finding opportunities’ process embedded into your end of job process?

25. Do you visit every business or high net worth client (that you want to keep) at least once per year?


26. Do you have a ‘pipeline management’ system for tracking opportunities and measuring success?

27. Have all of your ‘client facing’ team members had at least 2 days of sales training in the last 12 months?

28. Do you have a structured and scripted ‘meeting’ process for new and existing clients?

29. Do you actively maximise the number of projects each client buys from you each year?

30. Do you price every new project (outside of compliance) based on your value contribution rather than time?

Value Added Services

31. Have you documented all your services into a ‘menu of services?

32. Do all of your clients know about all of the services you offer?

33. Are your senior Accountants (and above) all trained in how to deliver business advisory services?

34. Do you present a 3 year historical ‘business performance review’ once per year with every business client?

35. Do at least 50% of your business clients have a live, working & reliable ‘budget & cashflow’ forecast?


So how did you score?