I am humbled to be selected as the Queensland Entrepreneurs Organisation “Entrepreneur of the year”. It is an absolute honour.

The award is in honour of a past EO member, Darren Mullins, who was a founding member of EO in 1996/97 of the Brisbane chapter. Darren was in his mid 30’s with a wife and children and the world at his feet. One afternoon he felt a pain in his arm, had a massive heart attack and died at St Andrews Hospital here in Brisbane. In honour of his memory the Entrepreneur of the year award was started. The award is to recognize an individual who has best represented the values of EO throughout the year and endeavoured to promote EO Brisbane, just as Darren did many years ago when launching our fledgling chapter.

Thank you Darren – your legacy lives on. And thank you to everyone who voted for me. It’s the first thing I have won since I won a gold medal as Australian junior Archery Champion! In 1987!!!!

You can see by the first photo I was unable to accept in person at the gala function last weekend. So I got the official photo with the QLD chapter president – Jason Rechenberg.

EO award winner - not there

EO award winner

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